What you don't invent in the meeting room.

Havanská 3a, Praha 7, 170 00

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We are an innovative studio near Stromovka in Prague.

We are designers.

We make a functional design. We think, prototype, illustrate and research.


We are looking at problems with a global perfectionist perspective.

We are looking for a vision

We propose communication for organizations and cities in a way they may not have known and we are opening their minds to positive acceptance of new communication.

We help build a strategy

With each project's carefully selected strategy, it is possible to translate the vision into tangible results and reach millions of people around the world.

We design a functional design

A great design is born by thinking and we like to think.

Using modern technologies

We like to prototype across all technologies and we are not afraid of any challenges.

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Here are case studies of several of our heart projects.


HN, O₂


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